Runner. Trail runner. Photographer. Father. Husband. Bread baker. Beer brewer. Lawn mower. Hater of selfies.

I’ve had two running lives. I ran in middle school and high school, captained a state-champion track team even though I wasn’t particularly good. Ran a 5:07 mile off-road. Ran a 10:44 2-mile on the track. Thought I couldn’t run much further. Fell in love with cycling. Finally ran a half-marathon two years out of college. Got hurt doing so. Back to cycling.

Got married, became a homebrewer, became a dad. Biked less. Got heavy. Got sad about it.

Got myself a good pair of running shoes. 1.03 miles later, sprained my ankle wicked bad. Rested 3 months. Trained for a 10k. Trained for a half. Trained for another half, then a 25k. Right now, eyes on a 50k, then road marathon.


5K: 20:11

10k: 42:40

13.1: 1:37:45

25k (trail): 2:31:00