The Long Hike


One last good hike before I give the ankle a try running. It was late on Fathers Day after the drive back from Maryland, and after a couple slices of pizza for dinner, I took the time to head out for some time in the woods. I could have gone a bit longer, but the batteries in the headlamp were getting a bit dim, and 12k made for a nice little loop anyway.

I broke into a light jog a few times on downhills, just to see if whether a running motion was an immediate deal-breaker or not. The good news: my ankle behaved well, felt relatively strong although not nearly 100%. The bad news: it’s going to be awhile before I feel comfortable running on the trails again. I’ll be spending lots of time on the roads for now so that footing isn’t something I have to worry about.

This hike was Sunday. Monday I’ll get in that short run to see how the ankle really feels under a little stress. Wish me luck.

And in other news:


I’ve deliberately not set many goals for this year, keeping my eyes set only on total distance. One of those sub-goals was returning to MapMyRun’s You Vs The Year Challenge. This year, it was to cover 1017km over the year. I’m happy to say that, injury downtime aside, I hit that mark during the hike. I’m a little behind on the year overall, only 40% of the way to my goal as the half-year mark draws near. But with an ultra cycle getting under way, I’m not worried about getting caught up. I’m just worried about getting my ankle healthy.


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