Minecraft Lessons in the Wissahickon


The year had been going so well, but then came the slight dog attack, and the twisted ankle, and what I thought was the recovery from that, and then that long, easy, mostly downhill run during those two weeks between Dirty German and what should have been the start of my Boulder Field training, the easy run after which I thought my foot was going to fall off.

I haven’t run at all in two weeks as I was doing some physical therapy to strengthen the hurt ankle. The ankle had gotten pretty floppy. It was most noticeable when I would be walking down stairs, and my right foot did everything it was supposed to do and my left foot just sort of clunked down from toe to heel because there was no strength in the joint.

The last couple days, though, things felt normal, and after a walk up to the Target about a mile and a half from here a couple days ago, it felt like it might be time to go out and put a little stress on the ankle and see how it does.

So it was off to the Yellow Trail tonight with Lyra in tow. The 4+ miles we hiked would be the longest she had ever hiked all at once before, and she passed the time explaining in great detail things I never knew I didn’t know about the world of Minecraft. We took short breaks here and there to go over the finer points of trail etiquette. She said she loves being in the woods. She even bombed a little descent after I talked her into taking the steeper shorter trail rather than the longer flatter one. She smiled alot. I smiled too.

Not sure I’ll run this weekend, but it’s looking like Monday might be the day to return to some light running. Time to ease back into the easy workouts at the very least, even if I’m not yet up to handling the long workouts.

See you and the spider jockeys out there.


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