Welp. Here I am, at the start of week two of a 16-week training block. Total miles so far: 4.5. Not for the week. For the block.

I gave my ankle a good twist while trying to jump out of the way of a lunging, snarling dog back in April. It was a little swollen but it didn’t seem like anything too terrible at the time, so I took a few days off, waited for it to feel better, gave it couple gingerly test runs, and got back at it. Ran a few races. Put in my miles. Took a couple easy weeks before starting this training block.

And then last week, my ankle started to feel like it is going to fall off. A couple days last week, just walking was a big ask. Saturday I was on my feet all day photographing a wedding, and that was rough going. I spent yesterday with my feet up getting caught up on the America’s Cup action from Bermuda.

Today, I was able to prepare breakfast without falling over. Small victories.

I have rolled my ankle many times before, but this feels like something new. It’s off to the doctor for me, and let’s just hope that it’s nothing too serious…it would be a pity to already have to rethink the fall schedule after just one training run.

Usually at this point I say “See you out there,” but frankly, I’m going to be on the couch, so please…

Bring me cake tacos.


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