With the coming and going of the Dirty German Endurance Fest last Saturday, my spring has officially wrapped up, and for better or worse, this means that I am already being tempted to look at the late summer and fall and how to approach running and racing. Decisions have been made.

But for the next two weeks, things will be taken pretty easy. I’m putting in four or so miles here and there, going easy for the most part, just getting out there and running and not doing anything too specific. Last night, I ran in the Wissahickon Wanderer’s Spring Trail Series #3, a nice little 4.5 mile jaunt that happened to travel over most of one of my favorite running routes. So it felt a bit like playing on my home field.

What didn’t feel great was the blister that I developed and then ripped off my toe. I never get blisters. Like, ever. I didn’t get a blister last weekend when I ran through a 15.5-mile long puddle. But four and half dry miles on trails I run every day? Damage.

I have until Monday, May 29th to relax and just run. Then, it’s back into an ambitious training cycle. My new comfort with distances over 13 miles has made me rethink how to approach a season, so I am excited and a bit nervous for what’s coming. I’ll talk about that once I get there.

And just to make sure I relax and take it easy, my Garmin has decided to stop talking to my computer. So no GPS maps for now. Just time and distance, which is whatever.

Hope you are finding some rest and relaxation as well out there. Be well.


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